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Health, Fitness, & Relationships: Designed for Empowerment?

“I support your health & fitness.”

This is the HEALTH & FITNESS EMPOWERMENT PHRASE my partner & I have been using for over 2 years now.

We say this statement to each other all the time. Several times a week usually.

SHE came up with the idea. It TRANSFORMED my old paradigm around health & fitness in a relationship. Both my intimate relationships & all others.

In previous relationships I always felt GUILTY about my obsession with my health & fitness.

I felt guilty when I wanted to go workout & my partner didn’t.

I felt guilty when my partner wanted desert & I didn’t.

I felt guilty about wanting to eat my own food and not share everything.

I felt guilty when the exercise I wanted to do wasn’t the exercise my partner wanted to do.

These same issues came up at meals & social interactions with family, friends, & colleagues.

I always felt GUILTY if I was choosing something other than whatever the group or other person was doing or choosing. Almost like it was WRONG for me to listen to my own needs (especially when they were different from others).

Ridiculous I know.  We are almost always our own worst enemy and usually we just need to get out of our own way.  That was definitely my case.

Now I know all of this GUILT was SELF-CREATED, but I needed a paradigm-breaker to show me.

This powerful divine being I call my Phoenix unleashed me from all my guilt around health & fitness in a relationship. In all relationships actually.

Over the last 2.5 years she has shown & taught me that we DO NOT always have to workout together or eat the same thing. That it is completely okay for our health & fitness choices to be different.

Wait. What?!  You mean we don’t have to do everything together?! This was a REVELATION to me when it came to intimate relationships.  I swear I am quite intelligent.  Old me just happened to create a lot of self-oppression in a lot of important life areas that I am now consistently freeing myself from.

My Phoenix & I hike & rollerblade together a lot. In truth our relationship was built upon these two magical activities. ⛰ 💞 ☄

I body-build & do yoga without her most of the times & she encourages this. She joins when she wants to. No pressure from me. No guilt from her.

She enjoys SoulCycle & other group fitness classes by herself & with friends. Sometimes I join. Most often she does this on her own without me.

We cook together & eat together often. However, I usually make my own food and she makes her own food. And we share what we want.

Often times we cook & eat completely different meals in the same kitchen & dining room. The love & shared experience is still intact without any shame or guilt about eating different things.

Other times I eat everything she makes.  It rarely goes the other way as I am not the cook in the house.  That would be her.  Baked chicken is about as technical as I get.

Ultimately, we share our food & fitness when it naturally lines up for BOTH of us. And when it doesn’t…

We encourage one another to LIVE their health & fitness in whatever energetic form that authentically manifests in at that particular moment.

And it is not only OKAY if we are feeling/wanting different things at the same time when it comes to food & fitness. It is a highly APPRECIATED & CONSCIOUSLY ACKNOWLEDGED dynamic aspect of our AWESOME RELATIONSHIP.

This freedom around food, fitness, & individualized health has been nothing short of INCREDIBLE for me personally.

The guilt is gone. The EMPOWERMENT is flowing strong.

As I learned to do this with HER I was able to go & do it with everyone else. I could choose what was best for me in the moment while allowing others to choose what they wanted with no guilt, no shame, & no weird energy.

This has allowed me to have GUILT-FREE FUN being in INTEGRITY with my SELF at all times with all people.

This allows me to have no attachment to what others are doing. If our decisions line up… Great!! If our choices don’t line up… Great!

With HER I am in the best shape of my life. Physically. Mentally. Emotionally. Spiritually. And in all areas of life with all types of relationship.

With her I am having an adventure discovering my calling to live as a transformation artist & leader.  And it is full of so much joy & wonder! 😄💫🙌🏼

I am forever grateful to HER for all of this. 🙏🏼💓🙏🏼

In closing, I leave you with a few questions & ideas to ponder:

  1. What are your CONSCIOUS or UNCONSCIOUS rules, beliefs, & habits around health & fitness in your relationships?
  2. Are they limiting or empowering?
  3. Do you hold one another back?
  4. Or do you powerfully, positively, & consciously co-create ever-increasing health & fitness (and individual freedom of expression)?
  5. What kind of life do you want when it comes to your health, fitness, & relationships?

The choice is yours. Conscious design. Or happenstance. I leave it up to you.

**This framework can be applied to intimate relationships, family, friends, & colleagues. Or pretty much any relationship in life.**

In Alchemy & Service,

Justin David Carl | LifesRake 🌒

P.S. You are welcome to use our HEALTH & FITNESS EMPOWERMENT PHRASE. Or feel to come up with your own. I may even borrow yours if I like it better. 😁 🙏🏼

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