This is for all the Lionhearted…

 (My Lion sketch. Finally drawing again after 20+ years. Man-child reborn!)

“Did you think the lion was sleeping because he didn’t roar?” -Friedrich Schiller

With the ongoing nurturing of my goal of posting one new piece of creative work each week, living my vision as a transformation artist & leader, and in honor of the courageous Lion that lives within all of us I am going to continue to push my creative boundaries and continue embracing my fear of publicly, sharing my artistic endeavors, intimate interests/passions, and creative expression in this week’s post.

From within the deepest part of myself I have always been drawn to the mystic.  I call myself a spiritual hipster.  This post is about unleashing the uninhibited Lionheart and sharing some of my creative fire in service to others.

The last week or two I have felt ablaze with creative fire.  I kept seeing Lions everywhere.  I literally felt like a Lion.  At the gym I heard myself roar inside my head with regularity as I crushed my workouts.  I even wrote about myself as a Lion in one of my morning writing sessions.  In my work and career I have been living the Lion as well — winning new partnerships and courageously stepping into a fuller expression of myself creatively and professionally.  I finally put it all together when I realized that not only was it a full moon at the time, it was a full moon in Leo [more on that here – if you are not into astrology, numerology & magic skip this link as it is definitely what many call “Woo” – as I said, I am spiritual hipster and I love this stuff!]

I have always felt incredibly strong emotional and energetic influences during full moons.  In the past I regularly observed this effect in others and in the masses during my time working in Hollywood nightlife.  People as a a group were always extra crazy on those nights.  Much more so than usual. Wild shit always went down in the club during full moons.

In my own personal life, I see this emotional and energetic influence manifest in both positive and negative ways depending upon the type of full moon and how aware I am during any given month.  Fortunately, for the last week or so it has mostly been highly positive and growth-inducing.

This evening (1/23/2016) marks a full moon in Leo . This is personally very powerful for me as my moon sign is in Leo.  Your moon sign is different from your main astrological sign (your sun sign).  Although depending on your exact birth date and time they can share the same zodiac sign.  The way I always explain one’s moon sign to myself and others is that it is how others see you.  I am a Taurus (my sun sign), but people often mistake me for or see me as a Leo.  It is often how you behave when you are feeling uninhibited.  In the past when I drank alcohol I quickly became the ego version of the Lion – highly animated, loud, boisterous, king of the court, etc.  I still regularly become the mostly positive side of the Lion in group settings without any external influence, it just depends on how uninhibited and fiery I am feeling.  I am equally happy being the quietly powerful bull who is content to stand alone in the field.  However, for this time period it is all about living in the heat of the court with the heart of the Lion.  Passion and courage are in vogue!

In honor of the kingly Lion here are a few things I would like to share (in addition to the links above):

An excerpt from my Lion writing session:

As I stride through the grasslands of my world as King of the plains I hold all in compassion. Myself included. For it is through compassion for others and oneself that we maintain equilibrium. Providing for others as we provide for ourself. Through this balance we generate great strength.  And in this way we can live life with grace and greatness.

I see myself as a the Lion of my family. The one who went on a quest to find his own strength and to rediscover his own heart. For the heart is the well of true strength. It is the source of courage and compassion.

I had to take a long dark journey away from my heart and my family to rediscover this. I had to let my ego consume me. The dark Lion king. Greed and selfishness. I danced with Dionysus. It was a long dance. Well over 5 years long.  I danced until I could dance no longer. Then I fell from the grips of the devil in exhaustion. I could no longer sustain the toll upon my spirit.

My soul called me back into equilibrium. It took time to rebalance and find equilibrium. I am still re-grounding myself within my inner citadel. Sobriety, meditation and brahmacharya cleanse my mind, emotions, body, and spirit. The dance in the dark night of my soul was necessary. For how could I know light if I never experienced the depths of my own darkness? Like the eternal symbol of the circular yin & yang, each piece holding a piece of the other in reverent embrace. I too had to learn that symbolic lesson. Now I draw deeply upon my own dark experiences to be a light in the world. To shine and illuminate others with the beauty of my own darkness.

Now I walk the peaceful grasslands of life again as I integrate my journey through darkness. I stride through the tall grass letting each strand brush my new mane into glory while purifying my own sorrow. Undergoing a gentle alchemy of experience into wisdom. Wisdom with which I can use in my life and provide in service to others.

This Lion no longer needs to roar for attention and power. Instead I provide with compassion and I am bestowed with power through those I serve. It is through serving that we are able to stand in the presence of our deepest strength.

I believe I had to go through my own deep suffering to develop compassion. First, I had to learn to be compassionate towards myself. To accept and embrace my own suffering. To learn to forgive myself for all the dark things I did. I had to lay myself over my own crucible before I could truly understand compassion. How can one truly be compassionate towards others if they haven’t opened to their own self-compassion?

I think this is where the idea of “the ego wants to help, but the soul wants to serve” comes into play. Those who haven’t learned their own self-forgiveness, self-compassion, and self-love try to fill their own void with ego by helping (“fixing”) others. That temporarily fills their emptiness with false spirit-food. It’s like empty calories for the spirit and the soul will not count it. This can become a vicious cycle. Because the void isn’t actually being filled with anything of sustenance. It’s just temporary filling that quickly fades. This is the bottomless pit of the ego trying to fill something it can’t satisfy. It isn’t until we truly learn to help ourselves that we can be of service to others in powerful ways.


The meaning & significance of the Lion; plus how to connect with your inner Lion:

(excerpted from Animal Spirit Guides & Power Animals, two awesome books by Steven D. Farmer)

Quality: Nobility

Lion’s message for you:

“MY BEING EXUDES DIGNITY, divinity, and nobility.  It’s not so much my roar that everybody fears–my mere presence demands respect and deference.  I don’t qualify this with false humility, self-degradation, or apology; nor, in spite of what you’ve heard, do I feel any sense of pride whatsoever in who I am.  I don’t need to.  I’m just very clear.  If you need to roar to clear the way for your own self-acceptance, then please do so.  Once you’ve done this, listen closely to your heart.  It sings of your purpose, even though your purpose may change and shift with time and age.  That’s where you’ll find the courage to be who you are.  Not in your mind, not in the world around you, but in the center of your body and being.  Life will enfold and support you, as long as you honor and follow your heart.  There truly is no other way.

“Although you may be tempted and sway by externals, especially others’ opinions and judgements about you, sit quietly in the savannah of your personal sanctuary and simply listen.  Listen with all of you.  Tune in to the knowingness that resides in your bones and in your soul to help you go forward in life.  Once you hear the call, move ahead without second thoughts or doubts of any kind.

“Know that you’re protected, that absolutely nothing can harm you as long as you’re listening and operating from that most precious of founts, your heart of hearts.”

If Lion show up, it means:

-Hold your head up high and keep your dignity, no matter what you’re faced with.

-You’re much stronger than you think you are and need to use your emotional strength in this situation.

-Call upon the well of courage available to you to confront this uncomfortable situation.

-Listen closely and discern carefully before acting, rather than moving ahead impulsively and recklessly

-When faced with a tough decision, follow your heart rather than what you think you should do.

Call on Lion when:

-You feel particularly stressed or beaten down by any situation and want to boost your sense of power and self-confidence to deal with these circumstances.

-Your dignity and integrity have been called into question and you want to recapture your self-respect.

-You’ve been called upon to assume a position of authority and leadership.

-You’ve taken on a task or project that seems beyond your talents and capabilities, yet something inside you knows that you can do it, even though it requires you to stretch yourself.

If Lion is your Power Animal . . .

-You carry yourself in a stately manner, with a strong presence and air of nobility that makes people notice you whenever you walk into a room.

-You’re capable of a great deal of compassion, yet when your anger is triggered–which isn’t easily done–everyone else backs off in the face of your roar.

-You’re quite courageous, possess a great deal of physical and emotional strength, and are a natural leader and organizer.  You’re often called to take on tasks that require the application of these gifts.

-You function best as part of a group or community rather than alone, and are frequently asked to take an active role in the group.

-You enjoy taking risks by going into situations that will stretch your capabilities and expand your knowledge.

How to access Lion’s power . . .

-When you’re walking about, lift your chin and head up, straightening and stretching your spine so that the effect is one of feeling taller and more dignified.

-Roar!  Yes, go ahead and find out what it feels like to do so, whether quietly or with full force, noticing as you do how it feels in your gut and your heart.

-Close your eyes and pretend that you’re a king or queen.  Breathe slowly and deeply, and see if you can feel that sense of nobility, dignity, and connection to the divine in your body.

-If there’s someone close to you from whom you’re withholding some feelings, speak your truth lovingly and assertively, without apprehension about his or her response.

The Lioness of My Heart [Blog & Instagram]

This is the Lioness who brought me out of my creative cave.  Stride-for-stride, she is right there with me.  And truth be told, most of the time she is a few years ahead of me, compassionately encouraging me to catch up.  I highly encourage you to check her out for your own inspiration & magic.  She is a master-painter, gallery director of one the most prestigious venues in the nation, a professional hair & make-up artist, and all-around divine being of light & creative fire [among too many other things to list here].

Little Lion Man by Mumford & Sons

I was blessed with the opportunity to experience Mumford & Sons perform this live at the Hollywood Bowl and was forever moved by it.  So incredibly emotionally powerful!  I still cry pretty much every time I hear this song or watch the music video [tears of power & grace of course!].

Living as the Lion Emperor In Your Realm [click here to read]

An article I put together about how to maintain dominion over your kingdom.



I believe we all have a Lion living within.  Come join me and let your Lion out.  Let’s roar together.  Not in defiance, but rather in asserting our rightful place upon the throne of our very own lives.

Let us live & act with passion, compassion, and courage fueled by noble hearts. #Lionhearted