Freedom & Self-Worth

“Man is free at the moment he wishes to be.” –Voltaire

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FREEDOM is not necessarily something that is granted or earned, nor is it just physical freedom.

It is a state of mind, heart & spirit that is uncoupled from cultural & social programming that restricts one from authentic self-expression & purity of Self.

Therefore freedom is always at hand. It is always available because it is a CHOICE.

You may be thinking to yourself that this is not true. This person (boss, parent, partner, etc.) holds you back, this institution (government, IRS, job, country, etc.) holds you down, or that some circumstance is keeping you from what you desire & deserve. But…

I promise you that this is all an illusion of the EGO.

If people like Viktor E. Frankl, author of “Man’s Search For Meaning” found personal freedom in a Nazi concentration camp then so too can we find freedom in any situation.

I lose my freedom all the time. So I have compassion. For you. For myself. We are all of the same ilk.

Almost daily I have to remind myself that freedom is a choice. No one is out to take it away from me. No one but my ego that is.

I’ll be dying under the weight of oppression of Self.

And then it will click. I am doing this to myself.

This is ridiculous I think to myself. Then I laugh. My vision expands and suddenly I am able to see a much wider view that tells a much bigger story. A story that I crafted…

And as the author of this life I have the power, the rite, and the freedom to retell it.

As I look from Universal perspective I will begin to notice that I am re-living out some childhood fear. Maybe it’s the memory of feeling ABANDONED & UNPROTECTED by my parents when my older brother was physically beating me. Or maybe it is me reliving the youthful “story” I told myself about the FAILURE of my father to notice me as an ARTIST and only recognize and honor me as an entrepreneur and businessman. Or it could be me attempting the insanity of having to be PERFECT because if I was perfect then everything would be okay right?

Most of the time it is just me reliving some FEAR related to SELF-WORTH.

Again, it is all an illusion of the ego…

We are all worthy.

This is our rite of LIFE.

And the wielders of our WORTH is always us. We can take back our power and recognize our worth at any moment.

Again, it is a choice. But it is a choice we must make each and every day. We must choose to recognize and honor our worth. And as we do this we are given back to our INNATE FREEDOM.

As we recognize our DIVINE WORTH we are able to recognize our DIVINE FREEDOM.

In alchemy & service,

Justin David Carl | LifesRake 🌒

P.S. In regards to my family and past “terrible childhood experiences” I now know and recognize they were a divinely perfect part of my path to acceptance & forgiveness (of others & self). These experiences were also key to finding true personal power. We have all had harsh childhood experiences. It is our responsibility to find the power hidden within them. Confused about how that works…? Read this.

P.P.S. If you are curious about choosing your possibility” — here is a primer on how that works.

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