FitnessRake Preworkout Stack


A 2016 post-shower selfie powered by the FitnessRake Preworkout Stack — so you know it’s the real deal! 😛

This post & video is about my preworkout stack (the things I consume before I go workout). In short they are:

Samurai sword & guitar for extra POWER! 😀 Weights & pull-up bar in the mirror show that in my world fitness is lived daily through conscious lifestyle design. 😉

And now an amusing video that explains the reasoning behind the this strange alchemical preworkout stack designed by yours truly…

I wasn’t going to post this because once again I thought it wasn’t good enough… but BUCKET!

I say bucket because I dreamed of being a vlogger for a decade, but was too scared to do it. More on that 10-year wait to pursue my dreams here.

Now I say BUCK that fear! Or let me at least learn to ride with this fear even if I do get bucked! 😛

Meet the fitness-side of my multifaceted-self: FitnessRake

I am now filling this bucket-list item (blogging/vlogging) up with creative sustenance here on my on my blog, on my Facebook Page, on Instagram (@lifesrake@fitnessrake, @fashionrake), & on YouTube.

The only way to get good at anything is by DOING IT. So here I go! Another vlog to manifest this vlogging vision into physical reality (or virtual reality depending on your view of the internet).

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