This is where I share more of my creative work & inspiration: published work, music, pinterest, affirmations, poems, spirituality, etc.

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The following three playlists I actively curate:

“Alchemical” — playlist I use during my creative work (writing, reading, affirmations, prayer, etc.)

“Dragon Prana” — playlist I use during my exercise/workouts.

“Dragon Cafe” — playlist for communal times (cooking, meals, entertaining, socializing, etc.) with my partner, family, & friends.

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 Jess Lee: CEO of Polyvore

How Stanford and Marissa Mayer lead her to where she is today.

An article I wrote for Stanford Pulse Magazine [click here to read]

Furious Love

A poem on anger. [click here to read]


Compilation of some of my affirmations. [click here to read]