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Reprogramming For Creative Freedom (In Style) 😎

Almost always I am my own worst creative block and hindrance…

[Dragon boots – aka shoes👞, – by Android Homme — check them out if you want some fire🔥  on your feet 👣  to blaze your own trail in style.]

I made this video about reprogramming oneself for creative freedom and as another ode to my #LearnByDoing process of creation & self-evolution.

It has taken me over a month to finally put it up…  I am quite the oxymoron at times… LOL at myself!

Once again my own self-judgement and fear of showing and sharing my work in its unperfected form held me back from just releasing it and then moving onto the next project.  I still have plenty of work to do as a “recovering perfectionist.”

Oh well, better late than never right?!  And I am getting faster.  It took me over six months to post my shoddy “Starting Before You’re Ready” video.

So what have I learned from making this video (LearningRake)?

  1. ALWAYS PRACTICE LIKE IT IS THE REAL THING. When I was filming this I was originally intending it to just be practice. So, the backdrop of the video is a bit of a mess. Yet, when all is said and done I believe I achieved a new level of personal authenticity on camera. The more I film the more I am able to really just be me, the person you would interact with in life. However, after filming 6 different takes I didn’t have any more creative energy to film it again with the backdrop cleaned up.
    • 🗝  KEY TAKE AWAY (aka ” The Rake“): Always play and practice like it’s the real thing! That way if you get the perfect take where your voice, ideas, and personality are flowing you don’t feel like your lack of a preparation is holding you back (my setting/backdrop in this case). This same idea applies to life. It’s like going to an event where you know you might meet the most pivotal person for your business and not having something to exchange information with (pen, phone, business card) or not dressing the part to the point where you aren’t taken seriously.  The world is your catwalk.  Even when playing, play like you are going to ROCK the show.
  2.  KNOW YOUR FACTS! AND FACT-CHECK/DOUBLE-CHECK BEFORE SHOWTIME. I made some assumptions about the product I was representing without doing my homework and making sure I had the details right. In the case of this video I said the shoes were python when they were really bison. It may not be a big deal to most, but I was telling an intimate story about a dear friend and his company. My lack of attention to detail demonstrates my amateur point in my evolution as I look to become an online voice of human potential, fashion, & fitness. I am okay with this, but as part of my commitment to being a professional it is good for me acknowledge the mistakes, learn from them, and grow!
    • 🗝 The Rake: Fact-check before showtime/go-time. Know what you are talking about when presenting publicly (especially online).
  3. PUT IT INTO ACTION. People love to see things in action. The entire time I am talking about these amazing shoes that were gifted to me and how stylish they were and how they were my dragon boots that would allow me to fly even higher and I didn’t even put them on… Another mistake I am committed to learning from.
    • 💫  The Rake: Talk the talk AND walk the talk. Literally & figuratively. Next time I’ll put the product/idea/business into ACTION.  Always have a bias towards action.
  4. Most of my creative work (writing & videos) is way too long and I cover way too much. If I want to be of SERVICE in the current world we live in I have to learn to put my creative work into a form that is appetizing for people to consume online. Both my creative coaches have told me this. Many of my friends at Facebook, YouTube, & Instagram have told me this. And still I am making videos over 7 minutes long… I have been hearing this from my creative clan for over a year now… Sometimes I am a very slow learner.
    • ♻️  The Rake: Make more hard & fast hitting videos and written posts that cover a very narrow subject (maybe even only one tiny concept). The bigger picture here is to always make & deliver things in a form in which they can easily be consumed in the most appetizing way possible (product/market-fit so to speak).

In closing, here is your (yes, you the reader) learning/growth opportunity, aka Alchemical Opportunity

☯ ALCHEMICAL OPPORTUNITY: What is one thing you could do today or this week that would lead you to a greater sense of creative freedom & authentic personal expression?

It could be tiny or big.  Doesn’t matter.  What matters is CHOOSING one thing and taking ACTION. Good luck! 🙏🏼 😄 💓

And now it’s time to soar like a DRAGON! 🐉

In Alchemy & Service,

Justin David Carl | LifesRake 🌒

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Unleashing The Dragon Manicorn

Unleashing the Dragon! 🐉 The Manicorn lives! 🦄 💪🏼

The evolution of the manbun is here and it is the manbraid! 😛

This is also an ode to continuing to embrace my FEAR of creatively expressing in the world online and sharing that journey of authentic creative expression publicly. This time from my fashion/style/image side of myself.

Also, I am giving myself permission to have FUN doing this and act like the magical man-child that I am and have always been! So feel free to laugh at me — or with me as I laugh at myself! 😀

My goal in sharing is to be of service as a catalyst for YOU to do the thing (or things) that YOU have always wanted to do but were too afraid to do [see here for more on this journey].

I am still scared as hell & full fear, but what I am learning is that often our FEARS are showing us what we most need to do in order to truly feel ALIVE & live the life we’ve always dreamed of.

SPECIAL NOTE: I basically have little to no experience filming, blogging, vlogging, writing, etc. I did this all by myself — no film crew, no experience, no training, etc. I am learning all of this on the spot in real life by DOING and gaining INCREMENTAL IMPROVEMENT even when I fail miserably. You can never truly fail if you learn something from the experience.

You may miss your goal, but like Bruce Lee said:

“A goal is not always meant to be hit, it often serves simply as something to aim at.”

I’m discovering my path in the world by aiming at goals, missing them, refining & retooling, setting new goals, and learning to love the process & journey and not worry so much about some final destination that may not have any real meaning to me anymore when I arrive. This is living in the moment while maintaining integrity (mind-heart-action alignment).

Mind-heart-action alignment is something that evolves as we grow, learn, and experience life. It is a living/changing/transforming thing just like our life. Be open to and aware of your own heart & meaning evolution.

My vision is to be a TRANSFORMATION ARTIST & LEADER and sharing this authentic journey full of messiness, mistakes, mishaps, stutters, “ums” & “ahs”, repeating myself, imperfections, etc. is my way of living that possibility while aiming at lots of goals and also being of service to mankind in a way that has true heart & meaning to me in a deeply personal & profound way.

Give yourself the gift of just learning by doing and being okay with looking like a fool as your traverse your road to mastery. Have fun with your fears! Laugh at yourself and take those baby steps (or leaps of faith) to a truly authentic life of your own design.

Check out the fashion/style/image section of my blog at here and my fashion/style/image Instagram at here. A lot of new creative work in production for this aspect of my multifaceted-life so stay tuned!

This hairstyle was inspired, designed, & crafted by my Phoenix! Check her blog out here.

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In gratitude & service,

Justin [*awkwardly whispering* “The Dragon!”]