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Freedom & Self-Worth

“Man is free at the moment he wishes to be.” –Voltaire

[photo by Wild OAK | shoes by Android Homme]

FREEDOM is not necessarily something that is granted or earned, nor is it just physical freedom.

It is a state of mind, heart & spirit that is uncoupled from cultural & social programming that restricts one from authentic self-expression & purity of Self.

Therefore freedom is always at hand. It is always available because it is a CHOICE.

You may be thinking to yourself that this is not true. This person (boss, parent, partner, etc.) holds you back, this institution (government, IRS, job, country, etc.) holds you down, or that some circumstance is keeping you from what you desire & deserve. But…

I promise you that this is all an illusion of the EGO.

If people like Viktor E. Frankl, author of “Man’s Search For Meaning” found personal freedom in a Nazi concentration camp then so too can we find freedom in any situation.

I lose my freedom all the time. So I have compassion. For you. For myself. We are all of the same ilk.

Almost daily I have to remind myself that freedom is a choice. No one is out to take it away from me. No one but my ego that is.

I’ll be dying under the weight of oppression of Self.

And then it will click. I am doing this to myself.

This is ridiculous I think to myself. Then I laugh. My vision expands and suddenly I am able to see a much wider view that tells a much bigger story. A story that I crafted…

And as the author of this life I have the power, the rite, and the freedom to retell it.

As I look from Universal perspective I will begin to notice that I am re-living out some childhood fear. Maybe it’s the memory of feeling ABANDONED & UNPROTECTED by my parents when my older brother was physically beating me. Or maybe it is me reliving the youthful “story” I told myself about the FAILURE of my father to notice me as an ARTIST and only recognize and honor me as an entrepreneur and businessman. Or it could be me attempting the insanity of having to be PERFECT because if I was perfect then everything would be okay right?

Most of the time it is just me reliving some FEAR related to SELF-WORTH.

Again, it is all an illusion of the ego…

We are all worthy.

This is our rite of LIFE.

And the wielders of our WORTH is always us. We can take back our power and recognize our worth at any moment.

Again, it is a choice. But it is a choice we must make each and every day. We must choose to recognize and honor our worth. And as we do this we are given back to our INNATE FREEDOM.

As we recognize our DIVINE WORTH we are able to recognize our DIVINE FREEDOM.

In alchemy & service,

Justin David Carl | LifesRake 🌒

P.S. In regards to my family and past “terrible childhood experiences” I now know and recognize they were a divinely perfect part of my path to acceptance & forgiveness (of others & self). These experiences were also key to finding true personal power. We have all had harsh childhood experiences. It is our responsibility to find the power hidden within them. Confused about how that works…? Read this.

P.P.S. If you are curious about choosing your possibility” — here is a primer on how that works.

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Choosing Your Possibility 💫

“Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.” –Sir J.M. Barrie (creator of Peter Pan)

Marching forward. Destinal resolve.  I am on the path. 👣

I am living the adventure of my life each and every day!

It is full of glory & triumph. Not glory and triumph driven by the EGO, but rather the kind that concerns Self & personal mastery.

I am speaking of healing, growth, transformation, & evolution.  Continuously.

When I choose to employ my symbolic and cosmic sight I am empowered to appreciate each and every moment (even the dark ones). Moments string together in a beautiful interweaving and divinely flowing pattern. 🌑🌒🌓🌔🌕🌖🌗🌘🌑

As I step back to admire my work I see the bigger picture.  I see just how awesome it is what I have been making…

I have been making a BEAUTIFUL LIFE. 🌈

It is full of wonder, awe, & connectedness.  It all flows together making the most divine patterns that feed my Soul.  Because after all that is really what human life is about right? Feeding our Soul the gift of “experience” in all its sometimes seemingly messy chaotic perfectness.  Our Soul feeds on it all.  It doesn’t matter what the experience is. All human experience is divine and perfect to the Soul.

Therefore it is up to us in how we CHOOSE to experience it all.  We can choose beauty and divinity.

Or we can choose UGLINESS & SUFFERING... As always the choice is ours.

As we switch through the infinite facets of the mind we can continuously shape our very own experience.  Masters of our own genesis.

In each moment we are offered the chance to begin again.  Over and over.  This process of creation & re-creation is our human birth rite.  It is the obvious secret to a fulfilling life. Though most of us forgot this for long stretches of time.  Or even entire lifetimes…

I know I often forget…

Suffering after suffering we perceive it as… Instead of continual birth, death, and rebirth.

Always, it is our choice whether we stay in our suffering or if we choose to begin again.

The wheel is always turning.  Life is an evolution.  For all of us.  And we all choose the direction and the perception of this ever-turning wheel of experience.

So what do I choose today?  What direction am I going?  What facet of experience am I choosing to experience my life in?  What is my vein of existence today..?

 Today I choose FUN, AFFLUENCE, & MAGIC!

I choose FUN because I choose FUN!

I choose AFFLUENCE (abundance & flow) because I choose AFFLUENCE!

I choose MAGIC because I choose MAGIC!

What does FUN mean to me?  It means life is an infinitely friendly & adventurous game that is meant to be played full out with HEART & SPIRIT BLAZING. 💓 🔥 And with a MIND open to WONDER, AWE, & FREEDOM. 😇 This is harnessing the power of the eternal child that always lives within no matter our age or circumstance.

How about AFFLUENCE?  Affluence is the state of “abundance” & “flow” dancing together.  Even the missteps, mistakes, trips, and tumbles are part of this dance.  Because they always bring about new insight, new healing, new growth, and ever-evolving ongoing TRANSFORMATION. Even in the so-called mishaps of everyday life there is a perfectly divine flow of abundance if we choose to grasp the silver-lining no matter how turbulent the storm.  That silver-lining is tied directly to the rainbow and the pot of gold.  Grab it!  Hold it tight!  And let the STORM carrying you forth in your ADVENTURE!  🌪⛈🌦🌈

And last but definitely not least… MAGIC!  Mystery…. Intrigue!  Mystical happenings… Divine consciousness touching our lives. 🔮 🎆

Within magic lives TRUST.  Trust in life, trust in the process of life, trust in the unfolding of our life, trust in others, trust in ourselves.  It is knowing that when we take each step upon that HIGHER PATH the next stair magically appears just as our foot touches down again.  We don’t have to understand. As Roald Dahl said,

“Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.”

Instead, we just have to choose to BELIEVE and the magic is always there to catch us.  It is a SURRENDER to Self (with a capital “S”) and TRUST in the UNIVERSE. 🌌 🗽

In this magical way we are able to live life with Courage, Freedom, & Joy.  Because we consciously choose to know the Universe is always acting and reacting in our BEST INTEREST. And as we surrender to the superconscious we do not have to consciously understand the way it works.


In this way we get to DANCE through life!  And when we fall… It’s all part of the magical journey and was actually perfectly coordinated, because all truly GREAT GAMES involve DRAMA. To be clear I mean drama as defined as a series of events having vivid, emotional, conflicting, and striking interests and results (as defined by

A life worth living happens through the beautifully cascading contrasts…


This photo was captured in the most magical way.  An incredibly talented street photographer at Urban Imagery randomly stopped me in San Francisco while I was buried in my phone responding to a work email.  In truth, I was doing my best to avoid myself and my emotions through workaholism. I was lost to myself and then the Universe intervened and pulled me into the present.

This happened approximately two days after I composed a majority of this piece of writing about Choosing Our Possibility.

It was a dream come true in actuality.  For years the FashionRake in me dreamed of being captured in something just like this. The full disclosure is I used to fantasize about being featured in “The Sartorialist” quite often. 😎

Even more potent is the fact that I was having a pretty rough & emotional stormy day.

The prior day I had let my own anger and frustration get the better of me and I wrongly let it out upon my colleagues who did not deserve it. I am far from perfect and have my fair share of breakdowns.  That morning I was still reeling from the incident & conflicting emotions.

Despite my tumultuous emotions… I chose the possibility of fun, affluence, and magic.

I even went through the effort of writing this possibility down that very morning in light of the fact I was personally having quite a difficult time in believing it.

I chose to forgive myself and was actually on my way to apologize to my coworkers .  To seek forgiveness without to complete the forgiveness that I sought inside.

Something magical always seems to happen when one stands in possibility.  It is like the world rearranges itself to act in accordance to the possibility that is spoken into existence.

Lo & behold my possibility of fun, affluence, and magic chose me back despite my emotions and a long-time dream magically came to fruition (in it’s own unique version).

This then translated into me being even more open to being transformed as I went from impromptu photoshoot to taking responsibility for falling out of integrity to those that I love and care for.

A day that had begun as suffering and self-oppression transformed into Self-liberation, fun, affluence, and magic.  All because I chose.

**This is my living testament to the power of choosing our possibility.**

In closing, I leave you with an alchemical opportunity... 🌑🌒🌓🌔🌕

What possibility are you choosing for yourself today? 💫

In Gratitude, Alchemy & Service,

Justin David Carl | LifesRake 🌒

P.S. After reading this you may be wondering if every day is magic, rainbows, and unicorns for me… More days than ever are now, but I still have my down days too. And I believe it is important to emote on those days so that you can be cleansed by your own emotions.  See this article on sorrow for the other end of the spectrum.

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Reprogramming For Creative Freedom (In Style) 😎

Almost always I am my own worst creative block and hindrance…

[Dragon boots – aka shoes👞, – by Android Homme — check them out if you want some fire🔥  on your feet 👣  to blaze your own trail in style.]

I made this video about reprogramming oneself for creative freedom and as another ode to my #LearnByDoing process of creation & self-evolution.

It has taken me over a month to finally put it up…  I am quite the oxymoron at times… LOL at myself!

Once again my own self-judgement and fear of showing and sharing my work in its unperfected form held me back from just releasing it and then moving onto the next project.  I still have plenty of work to do as a “recovering perfectionist.”

Oh well, better late than never right?!  And I am getting faster.  It took me over six months to post my shoddy “Starting Before You’re Ready” video.

So what have I learned from making this video (LearningRake)?

  1. ALWAYS PRACTICE LIKE IT IS THE REAL THING. When I was filming this I was originally intending it to just be practice. So, the backdrop of the video is a bit of a mess. Yet, when all is said and done I believe I achieved a new level of personal authenticity on camera. The more I film the more I am able to really just be me, the person you would interact with in life. However, after filming 6 different takes I didn’t have any more creative energy to film it again with the backdrop cleaned up.
    • 🗝  KEY TAKE AWAY (aka ” The Rake“): Always play and practice like it’s the real thing! That way if you get the perfect take where your voice, ideas, and personality are flowing you don’t feel like your lack of a preparation is holding you back (my setting/backdrop in this case). This same idea applies to life. It’s like going to an event where you know you might meet the most pivotal person for your business and not having something to exchange information with (pen, phone, business card) or not dressing the part to the point where you aren’t taken seriously.  The world is your catwalk.  Even when playing, play like you are going to ROCK the show.
  2.  KNOW YOUR FACTS! AND FACT-CHECK/DOUBLE-CHECK BEFORE SHOWTIME. I made some assumptions about the product I was representing without doing my homework and making sure I had the details right. In the case of this video I said the shoes were python when they were really bison. It may not be a big deal to most, but I was telling an intimate story about a dear friend and his company. My lack of attention to detail demonstrates my amateur point in my evolution as I look to become an online voice of human potential, fashion, & fitness. I am okay with this, but as part of my commitment to being a professional it is good for me acknowledge the mistakes, learn from them, and grow!
    • 🗝 The Rake: Fact-check before showtime/go-time. Know what you are talking about when presenting publicly (especially online).
  3. PUT IT INTO ACTION. People love to see things in action. The entire time I am talking about these amazing shoes that were gifted to me and how stylish they were and how they were my dragon boots that would allow me to fly even higher and I didn’t even put them on… Another mistake I am committed to learning from.
    • 💫  The Rake: Talk the talk AND walk the talk. Literally & figuratively. Next time I’ll put the product/idea/business into ACTION.  Always have a bias towards action.
  4. Most of my creative work (writing & videos) is way too long and I cover way too much. If I want to be of SERVICE in the current world we live in I have to learn to put my creative work into a form that is appetizing for people to consume online. Both my creative coaches have told me this. Many of my friends at Facebook, YouTube, & Instagram have told me this. And still I am making videos over 7 minutes long… I have been hearing this from my creative clan for over a year now… Sometimes I am a very slow learner.
    • ♻️  The Rake: Make more hard & fast hitting videos and written posts that cover a very narrow subject (maybe even only one tiny concept). The bigger picture here is to always make & deliver things in a form in which they can easily be consumed in the most appetizing way possible (product/market-fit so to speak).

In closing, here is your (yes, you the reader) learning/growth opportunity, aka Alchemical Opportunity

☯ ALCHEMICAL OPPORTUNITY: What is one thing you could do today or this week that would lead you to a greater sense of creative freedom & authentic personal expression?

It could be tiny or big.  Doesn’t matter.  What matters is CHOOSING one thing and taking ACTION. Good luck! 🙏🏼 😄 💓

And now it’s time to soar like a DRAGON! 🐉

In Alchemy & Service,

Justin David Carl | LifesRake 🌒

P.S. I am finally on SNAPCHAT 👻 … Only took me a few years… LOL!  Add me here @lifesrake

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Chaos Contained Within

As part of my “public commitment” to living my vision of being a writer/blogger (for more info see here 👉🏼… Here is a creative piece of writing from one of my morning sessions…


Working Title: Chaos Contained Within 🌗  🌊  🌓

Let writing fill up my life. Not sequester me to isolation & silo-living. Instead have it fill all the crooks & crannies. Breathe lasting life into moments and memories. Let it be a balm to my emotions and mental agitation as it comes up. Let it be the freedom flag that whips around in jubilance during the storms of life. Beckoning to be reckoned. At play in the torrents of ever-changing weather.

Yes, writing is my salvation. It is my boon. My secret to really truly EXPERIENCING life at a profound level. Allowing the past, present, and future to coincide in one place. Free of time because it can just as easily speak the past as it can to the future all while being done in the present. This is one of the many magics of writing. It is timeless. Even if I were to come back and read this at the end of my life it would be like breathing life back into this moment, reliving it, re-loving it. Being reborn once again.

The tides of my emotions have been crashing with a sense of anger and violence the last couple of days. It is coming out in my interactions with my colleagues at work and the way I speak and think to myself. I’ve somewhat fallen back into old abusive ways. Time to nip that in the butt. A return to the growth mindset. The seeker’s way of being. What is the TRUTH in this experience? What is the Universe and my Soul attempting to bring my attention to?

Is it another opportunity to let go of more anger that was once buried but now uncovered? A time for further integration? Probably both and more.

So let the anger come. Let it fill me up. Let it roar inside me. And grant me the power and equanimity to shape and mold this wrath into creative outlets. So much energy in anger. So much opportunity in anger.

I have the wisdom now to craft this ANGER into abundance and positive creation if I choose to. This time I choose to. Plain and simple. For no other reason than I choose to use my anger for great things and positive transformation because that is what I CHOOSE.

So here we are. At another crossroads in life. Another opportunity to choose a new path. A path that will bring me further along in my own alchemization. And as the ALCHEMIST of my very own life I can be excited and happy. I can be grateful for all the dark experiences that have led me to this point.

For the adventure of it all… I can rejoice!


I walk as the Priestess in my own life. Feminine. Dark. Mysterious. Powerful beyond understanding. Moving from intuition. From subconscious FORCE.

I do not roar out loud. I roar from within so that all may hear. So that they may hear in the calm but powerful ways that we hear big waves crash against the shore and are gifted with peace & soothing through nature’s powerful & divine rhythm. 🌊  

Chaos dancing in its own natural way. Beautiful. Bold. Unapologetic for its own majestic nature…


In Alchemy & Service,

Justin David Carl | LifesRake 🌒

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Accepting Compliments: A Form Of Self Love & Acceptance

***This is still a work in progress… come back later or sign-up for my newsletter and I’ll let you know when it’s more finished 🙂

Accepting & acknowledging compliments is a key part of self-love, self-approval, & self-acceptance.

Old me brushed compliments off without truly HEARING, acknowledging, or accepting them. Basically, I felt unworthy of any compliment and was unable to accept the love & acknowledgement others were offering me because I was unworthy of love & praise in my own mind. As within so without.

[Stepping into the light of gratitude wearing my ultra fly dragon boots by Android Homme.  This is me practicing openly & genuinely accepting compliments in the gym outfit I was approached in while hoping the unknown woman sees this and reaches out to say hello… see rest of story for context.]

Today I lived a new possibility. This may came off as self-indulgent but for someone who has spent most of his life hating his own body this was HUGE. For more on me overcoming self & body-hate see: this & this.

This is the random conversation that happened today at the gym. It is verbatim as I was so shocked and pleased that I wrote it down right after it happened.

…Random woman approaches me with a small smile on her face while I am doing seated calf raises. I take my earbud headphones off and acknowledge her with a smile. Something told me she had something to say…

Woman: Excuse me, I was wondering what your main sport me is?

Me: Bodybuilding & yoga.

Woman: Oh really, I was thinking rock & mountain-climbing because you are so wonderfully buff. Please take that as a compliment.

Me: *Raising my hands in prayer & acknowledgment.🙏🏼*” Wow! Thank YOU so much! I will! 😄💓🙏🏼

In that short exchange she rocked my world, made my day, & transformed my life. I don’t even know her or even have a chance to catch her name. Nonetheless, she just played a part in my ongoing healing & growing self love & acceptance.

What did I learn, re-learn, & garner from this experience?

  1. We heal through others. The Universe is constantly speaking to us through others and all mediums. This includes actions, words, coincidence, & more.
  2. Taking the time and full presence of awareness to listen to others with true intent can fill you with LIFE.
  3. Acknowledging compliments is a form self love & approval.
  4. The Universe wants me to become a rock-climber. One of my best friends gifted me with a set of climbing shoes and a harness last year and I’ve used it once. I can also get free-training at the Stanford Climbing Wall. Ok, Universe. I hear you & gracefully accept your charge.

Challenge, aka alchemical opportunity, to you (the reader):

The next time someone compliments you stop everything you are doing and invest in yourself. Take 30-90 seconds to truly recieve it. Acknowledge the compliment and the person that gave it to you.

In other words, give yourself the gift of universal AND self love, approval, & acceptance. You are the only one who truly can.

In Alchemy & Service,

Justin David Carl | LifesRake 🌒

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How To Ask For & Receive Support: I suck at it… 😮 👎🏼 😩

How to Ask For & Receive Support 🙏🏼 🌒 🙏🏼

**I SUCK AT IT** 😮 👎🏼 😩

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Alchemized #0:

Salutations my dear Life Alchemists! 🔥 ✊🏼 🔥

I want to give you my sincerest most humble & gracious gratitude from the deepest & truest parts of my Self. 🙏🏼 💓 🙌🏼

Because of “YOU” I am finally living my dream of living as a transformation artist & leader! 🌒 💫

I cannot even quantify what this means to me. Just know that by signing up for this newsletter you gave me the most precious gift… The gift of “a life worth living for.” 🙏🏼 💫 🙏🏼

Many of you saw my “Starting Before You’re Ready” video. If you haven’t you can see it in the link at the end of this email.

My shoddy home video somehow magically led to a 4-day professional shoot that will result in a series of videos culminating in an epically beautiful VISION VIDEO that will represent the essence of LifesRake.

You can see the first mini-prelude video here:

Here is where I am going to leverage the POWER of the HIVE to learn, grow, & transform infinitely faster than trying to do it on my own. 🔥 ✊🏼 🔥

How do you ask for & receive support? 🙏🏼 🙏🏼🙏🏼

I have come to realize that I *SUCK* at this… I’ve come to this realization after many failed attempts…

I get weird energetically about it when I ask people to support my ARTISTIC VISION.

I always feel like I have to give something in return. I don’t know how to receive when people just want to support me just because. I feel an obligation to “pay them back”. 🤑 ☹️ 🤔

I am sure this is all related to SELF-WORTH issues I still need to heal… 😔 💔 🤕

This has come up so many times for me since I started LifesRake. In my relationship. With my family. With friends. With colleagues.

I have mostly sucked pretty much with anyone I have asked so far…

***Basically, I do not know how to ask for & receive support in a way that leaves both me & the other person feeling enlivened, inspired, & fulfilled.***

Instead I usually feel GUILTY or ASHAMED for even asking for support.

I think I am getting better. Here is an email I wrote to the entire staff of my company that demonstrates me getting better… I think…

Nonetheless, I know I still have a lot of learning, healing, & growth to do.

I know pretty much everyone on this email newsletter is BRILLIANT💡 and I would like to harness this master-mind brilliance to transform rapidly. ⚡️ 🌒

Here is my ASK:

❓❓Can you take a minute or two to either email me or leave a comment on my Facebook Page & let me know your thoughts, advice, experience, & wisdom around how to ask for & receive support?❓❓

Even a sentence or two would be AWESOME!! And any links/mentions of books, videos, or other resources would be greatly appreciated too! 🙏🏼 😄 💓

Thank you for your time & energy! 🙏🏼 💓

In alchemy & service,

Justin David Carl | LifesRake 🌒

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OMG Dragon Asking For Support 🐉 🙏🏼

If you are confused about what this is and stumbled upon this by accident it is related to this post.


Video link: 🎥

For context my nickname at work and among close friends and family is “Dragon” and our company is nicknamed “OMG” which is short for ohmygreen.

This is the email & work-chat (Slack) message I sent to my company colleagues asking for support:

Good morning my dear OMG-fam!

First, I want to acknowledge our illustrious leader Captain Kirk @Michael for always encouraging my personal growth and continuously providing pathways for it.

For as long as I can remember I have had this dream to be a transformation artist & leader. I didn’t even understand the dream until I began meditating & did Landmark (both gifts from @Michael & OMG).

A childhood friend offered to make a Vision Video for my blog. As part of my commitment to giving back to OMG I presented the idea of making a vision video for OMG to Michael as a way I could live my personal vision (transformation artist & leader) within OMG. He graciously embraced the idea. And the OMG vision video is now close to being done. 🙌🏼

This was a huge step for me. You see I come from a very DARK past… Aka Hollywood nightlife. In that world it was all about EGO, drugs & alcohols, greed, superficial beauty, covetousness, and the last thing you did was SHARE.

So even though my EGO did not want to share the idea of a VISION video because in the world of ego it would be competing with my own personal vision video for my blog… I did it anyway.

I did it because I am ready to heal. I did it because I have chosen to live a new possibility — the possibility of being a GREAT FAMILY-MAN. This includes my personal family AND my professional family (OMG). Part of being family is SHARING.

OMG has been my REDEMPTION. It has been my FAMILY to heal with.

Another thing I have come to recognize is that I still have growth & learning to do around ASKING FOR & RECEIVING support from anyone.

So I am using the OMG-starship as a vehicle to travel through this personally confusing & scary opportunity to heal around asking for & receiving support .

@Michael told me nearly 2 years ago that I should share my writing & my videos with the OMG team. Back then I was too scared.

I am still scared. But I am going to embrace the fear this time.

I wanted to humbly ASK for the support of the OMG-family to live my artistic vision .

I recently released a prelude to a vision video for my blog here:

I set a personal goal of getting 10k views. I’m a little over 8k right now.

This is me [your OMG 🐉 ] ASKING my family to support my personal artistic vision & goal.

It would truly mean the world to me if you “liked” & “shared” my video — “An Awakening Begins”.

In deep gratitude,

Justin 💓 🐉

Again… If you are confused about what this is and stumbled upon this by accident it is related to this post.

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Health, Fitness, & Relationships: Designed for Empowerment?

“I support your health & fitness.”

This is the HEALTH & FITNESS EMPOWERMENT PHRASE my partner & I have been using for over 2 years now.

We say this statement to each other all the time. Several times a week usually.

SHE came up with the idea. It TRANSFORMED my old paradigm around health & fitness in a relationship. Both my intimate relationships & all others.

In previous relationships I always felt GUILTY about my obsession with my health & fitness.

I felt guilty when I wanted to go workout & my partner didn’t.

I felt guilty when my partner wanted desert & I didn’t.

I felt guilty about wanting to eat my own food and not share everything.

I felt guilty when the exercise I wanted to do wasn’t the exercise my partner wanted to do.

These same issues came up at meals & social interactions with family, friends, & colleagues.

I always felt GUILTY if I was choosing something other than whatever the group or other person was doing or choosing. Almost like it was WRONG for me to listen to my own needs (especially when they were different from others).

Ridiculous I know.  We are almost always our own worst enemy and usually we just need to get out of our own way.  That was definitely my case.

Now I know all of this GUILT was SELF-CREATED, but I needed a paradigm-breaker to show me.

This powerful divine being I call my Phoenix unleashed me from all my guilt around health & fitness in a relationship. In all relationships actually.

Over the last 2.5 years she has shown & taught me that we DO NOT always have to workout together or eat the same thing. That it is completely okay for our health & fitness choices to be different.

Wait. What?!  You mean we don’t have to do everything together?! This was a REVELATION to me when it came to intimate relationships.  I swear I am quite intelligent.  Old me just happened to create a lot of self-oppression in a lot of important life areas that I am now consistently freeing myself from.

My Phoenix & I hike & rollerblade together a lot. In truth our relationship was built upon these two magical activities. ⛰ 💞 ☄

I body-build & do yoga without her most of the times & she encourages this. She joins when she wants to. No pressure from me. No guilt from her.

She enjoys SoulCycle & other group fitness classes by herself & with friends. Sometimes I join. Most often she does this on her own without me.

We cook together & eat together often. However, I usually make my own food and she makes her own food. And we share what we want.

Often times we cook & eat completely different meals in the same kitchen & dining room. The love & shared experience is still intact without any shame or guilt about eating different things.

Other times I eat everything she makes.  It rarely goes the other way as I am not the cook in the house.  That would be her.  Baked chicken is about as technical as I get.

Ultimately, we share our food & fitness when it naturally lines up for BOTH of us. And when it doesn’t…

We encourage one another to LIVE their health & fitness in whatever energetic form that authentically manifests in at that particular moment.

And it is not only OKAY if we are feeling/wanting different things at the same time when it comes to food & fitness. It is a highly APPRECIATED & CONSCIOUSLY ACKNOWLEDGED dynamic aspect of our AWESOME RELATIONSHIP.

This freedom around food, fitness, & individualized health has been nothing short of INCREDIBLE for me personally.

The guilt is gone. The EMPOWERMENT is flowing strong.

As I learned to do this with HER I was able to go & do it with everyone else. I could choose what was best for me in the moment while allowing others to choose what they wanted with no guilt, no shame, & no weird energy.

This has allowed me to have GUILT-FREE FUN being in INTEGRITY with my SELF at all times with all people.

This allows me to have no attachment to what others are doing. If our decisions line up… Great!! If our choices don’t line up… Great!

With HER I am in the best shape of my life. Physically. Mentally. Emotionally. Spiritually. And in all areas of life with all types of relationship.

With her I am having an adventure discovering my calling to live as a transformation artist & leader.  And it is full of so much joy & wonder! 😄💫🙌🏼

I am forever grateful to HER for all of this. 🙏🏼💓🙏🏼

In closing, I leave you with a few questions & ideas to ponder:

  1. What are your CONSCIOUS or UNCONSCIOUS rules, beliefs, & habits around health & fitness in your relationships?
  2. Are they limiting or empowering?
  3. Do you hold one another back?
  4. Or do you powerfully, positively, & consciously co-create ever-increasing health & fitness (and individual freedom of expression)?
  5. What kind of life do you want when it comes to your health, fitness, & relationships?

The choice is yours. Conscious design. Or happenstance. I leave it up to you.

**This framework can be applied to intimate relationships, family, friends, & colleagues. Or pretty much any relationship in life.**

In Alchemy & Service,

Justin David Carl | LifesRake 🌒

P.S. You are welcome to use our HEALTH & FITNESS EMPOWERMENT PHRASE. Or feel to come up with your own. I may even borrow yours if I like it better. 😁 🙏🏼

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Naked Affirmations: An Unveiling…

***This is for everyone who ever asked how I stay in such great shape. An unveiling of my long-kept SECRET…***

Please allow me to introduce you to NAKED AFFIRMATIONS & what they do for my FITNESS and all-around WELLNESS.


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Now my fitness & my body bring me so much HAPPINESS! 😄 🙏🏼

Before I would have been saying that from a place of VANITY & EGO. 😎 💪🏼 😌

I used to ABUSE myself into shape so that my EGO could feel good at a pool party or in some other vain social competitive game I was playing.

Good chance I was the only one playing…

Nonetheless, everyone who was in better shape than me was my ENEMY back then. 😡 ⚔ 👊🏼

Athough I hid all of that with a wolf’s grin. 😁 🐺 😈

And every time I was not the most in-shape person in whatever social situation I was in… I was a LOSER in my mind. 👎🏼 😕

I was too FAT… I was not fit enough…

I was not enough. 😔

But today…

Today I get to say it from a place of self-acceptance & unconditional self-love.

I’ve spent nearly 3 years PRACTICING loving & accepting myself unconditionally.

It doesn’t matter what shape I am in, how I am feeling, or what is going on at work or in my life.

This is a daily practice. And here is what I do:

I look myself directly in the eyes or directly at my NAKED BODY. Then I summon as much COURAGE, CONFIDENCE, & TRUTH as I can…

And then…


This is how it goes usually:

Everyday I stand NAKED in front of a mirror, look into my own eyes & say:

“I love myself. I approve of myself. I accept myself. “

Then I look at my BODY (still naked) and say:

“I love my body. I approve of my body. I accept my body.”

This is NOT a one time deal.☝🏼️

Like most great things it takes ongoing energetic investment.

Every day I have to RENEW my COMMITMENT to my SELF. 🙏🏼

Some days this is easy, fun, and beautiful..

Other days I am full of FEAR & LOATHING. I have to work diligently to let go of the SELF-HATE & SELF-CRUELTY.

I have lost track of the number of times I’ve CRIED doing this. Yes, I admit it. I am a grown man & I cry.

But in the end, whether fun or frightful, I come out RENEWED & REBORN.

Each day I do this PRACTICE I come out in better shape mentally, emotionally, physically, & spiritually. 😇 💓 💪🏼 💫

I know a lot of people are going to think I am CRAZY and a total WEIRDO.

I know a lot of people will MAKE FUN OF ME & HATE.

But I am done HIDING.

I’ve discovered my inner well of INTEGRITY & SELF-DOMINION.

I’ve found my COURAGE. Harnessed my DARKNESS. Acknowledged my STRENGTH.

And… Finally…

I am ready to SHARE & be of SERVICE. 💓 🖖🏼 🌍 ☄ 🙏🏼

Without a doubt this daily practice of naked affirmations is the MOST IMPORTANT PART OF MY PERSONAL FITNESS.

For everyone who ever asked how I stay in such great shape. And there has been a lot of you since I started posting shirtless photos… Well, this is it!

The MASTER-KEY to my fitness is:


This daily nanohabit is INFINITELY MORE IMPORTANT TO MY FITNESS than how I workout, what supplements I take, or what I eat.

This is the FOUNDATION of my fitness. 🙏🏼 💗 🗽 💪🏼 🏰 💫 🎆

There is more to this process & will be sharing it over time. For now this is enough.

THANK YOU (yes you reading this) for listening. I am deeply grateful for your time & energy. 🙏🏼

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In Alchemy & Service,

Justin David Carl | LifesRake 🌒 | Alchemize: The Art of Living 🌒

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What My Father Taught Me: Unconditional Love, Belief, & Consistent Mental Conditioning

[Even when my aim was off my Dad love & believed in me anyways.]

What makes a great FATHER?


Being loved even when you make mistakes and consistently being gently mentored at how to aim & re-aim at a LIFE WORTH LIVING makes a truly GREAT FATHER.

When I went through SEVERE DEPRESSION a few years ago and was considering SUICIDE I could actually openly talk to my father about it. I did not have to hold anything in secret. I shared it all. Everything I was thinking, considering, & feeling.  In all its darkness.  Without shame or withholding.

He didn’t judge me, tell me I was wrong, try to fix me, or try to tell me what to do. He just patiently LISTENED to me. He just gently & unconditional loved me. He did this weekly for months as I went through the darkest time of my life.

Fortunately, because of him and the rest of my incredibly unconditionally loving family I made it through this DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL and am now gratefully living the LIFE OF MY DREAMS.

And one of the biggest reasons I am now actuating living this DREAM-LIFE is because my Dad gifted me with daily mental conditioning.

Every day he would mentor my mind with three specific training routines. He started this when I was very young. At least by the age of 5. Maybe even earlier.

First, he would ask me to tell him THREE THINGS I AM GRATEFUL FOR. They could be anything. He never judged. It could be serious or silly. I just had to give him 3 things I was grateful for. Whatever that was for me that particular day. And after each gratitude he would give me a genuine HUGE POSITIVE RESPONSE. That usually sounded like “That is GREAT, Justin!” or “Wow! So awesome! Good work!”

Secondly, he would ask me to tell him THREE THINGS I LEARNED. Again, it could be anything. I could tell him about some superpower my favorite superhero had or how I learned to do subtraction. With every learning I shared he gave me such an explosively happy & excited response I couldn’t help but feel like one of the SMARTEST people in the world — whether or not this is true remains highly controversial… 😛

Lastly, he would ask me to share THREE MISTAKES I MADE & WHAT I LEARNED FROM THEM. He would always remind me that “a mistake is NEVER a mistake if you LEARN something from it.” Again, my mistakes could be anything — big, small, silly, or serious. All I had to do was admit the mistake and then find the silver-lining learning and the gift of opportunity hidden within.

Basically, my DAD regularly coached me to live the GROWTH MINDSET in a subtle loving fatherly way.

For periods of my life I forgot these three mind-training techniques and become mentally out-of-shape. Largely due to ALCOHOL, DRUGS, and poor choices of ENVIRONMENT.

All of which led me to my deep depression & suicidal time in my life.

But my Dad never said a word. He let me take my path & travel my unique journey no matter how radically different it was from his own. He has never drank or done drugs in his entire life.

[Even when I took a completely different path he loved & believed in me…]

My Father never forced his sobriety upon me. He let me live however I chose.

He never told me what to do.

Instead he just patiently LOVED & BELIEVED IN ME. I like to think that he always knew I would reawaken to my own brilliance no matter how far off course I went.

I also like to think that I have actually reawakened to my brilliance in the last few years. And now I think it is finally really starting to show in all areas of my life (i.e. living my Stanford startup dream while simultaneously living my transformation artist, writer, blogger/vlogger dream).

A large part of that is because I have re-instilled this childhood mental conditioning my father entrained into me throughout my childhood along with other daily nano-habits and actually consciously set myself up for consistent vision-living.

Now these three daily mental conditioning techniques keep me empowered despite the ever-changing weather of life.  They can actually turn a dark day of breakdown into a day of brilliance & breakthrough through sheer rote execution.  They literally create the space & mental reprogramming to paradigm shift.

Today on Father’s Day I honor you DAD!  My deep gratitude for all the love and blessing you graciously bestowed upon me and many others in our family.

[My younger brother Morgan & his son Simon, me, my Dad (maroon), and my uncle Paul (another important Father-figure in my life).]

Thank you, Dad. I am truly proud to be your son.

In alchemy & service,

Justin David Carl | LifesRake 🌒

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SPECIAL NOTE: I am not a Father to another human yet, but I read this book all about the GROWTH MINDSET and wholeheartedly believe every parent should read it.  I actually think EVERYONE who wants to be at the top of any and all areas of their life should read it.